Treasure Hunt Adventures

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Set sail to find pirate treasure with the Lake’s most known pirate, Captain Scalawag — but beware of his mutinous crew hand, Black Heart Bart, and his attempt to athwart the treasure map and spoils for himself! This one hour forty-five minute excursion takes you from Calypso’s Port of Call at Jolly Rogers to buried treasure and back with much adventure in between.

1 hr. 45 min excursion includes treasure

Adults and children 3 or older $25.50
Under 3 including infants $15.00

US Coast Guard requires all mates be counted as a passenger no matter their size.  An infant, although small, will take the seat of a full paying passenger if they board and thus the pricing requirement.  Please be sure to indicate each person in your party when booking no matter their miniature status!

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