Capt Scalawag

Captain Scalawag, the most heard of pirate on the Lake of the Ozarks, has made Jolly Rogers his new port!

He will command the Calypso to and from Jolly Rogers in search of fair winds and buried treasure!

Captain Scalawag, pirate Captain of Calypso, has been involved in the sweet trade of piracy for as long as he can remember. Scalawag spends his time sailing the waterways, having adventures and, when not in search of treasure, entertaining children through his live shows and appearances. Rumor has it that Captain Scalawag's true identity is that of Tim Williams. It has also been said that he is the talented lead cast in many a famous production. Rumors go on to say that Tim has a degree in Television and Film and can be seen on Youtube as Vlad the Impaler in humorous episodes of "Castle Vlad" which he writes, directs, performs, produces and edits. But you know—they say rumors are like treasure maps— it's always difficult to tell the false from the genuine article! Captain Scalawag invites you to join the crew of Calypso for a pirate adventure you won't soon forget!

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